We know that it is difficult to find those service providers who will deliver you the professional service you expect.
Therefore, we would like to introduce you to some of our partners who provide exceptional service in their area of expertise.
We guarantee that they are vendors, who you can count on.


  • Tamás Horváth
    _SZA4121kkPhotography is my passion and over time this wonderful job became my lifestyle.

    I cite a quote from a well known photographer:

    “life is not perfect, but why shouldn’t your photos be perfect”

  • Attila Dégi
  • László Vörös

Master of Ceremony

  • Mihály Tóth
  • Balázs Menyhárt
    IMG_0705We like the fact that every wedding is different, because we like to be creative. We will be spending the entire wedding day together therefore we would like to get to know you better before your big day arrives. We will discuss with you in advance the flow of the day and select the best scenarios together. We also welcome any ideas from your side as this will help us to make your day even more unique and personalised. As the masters of ceremony we will co-host the evening and not blend in with the crowd. We will help you coordinate the wedding and ensure that everyone has a great time. We for sure will not perform any of the traditional bridesman duties. Would you like to find out the real difference between a traditional bridesman and a master of ceremony? Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer this question, but let’s meet in person and we will tell you why to choose us, the masters of ceremony for your wedding.


Ceremony Leader

Friday Wedding

Wedding Dress Salon

Wedding Cars

  • Wedding Car - Old Timer Cars

    Thank you so much for this fantastic experience. The dream car (Panther de Ville) is even more beautiful than you think and it really made our wedding day unforgettable! :)

    It is an amazing feeling to ride with an open sunroof and wave at other people. We managed to impress everyone around us and made a stylish arrival. Everybody should experience this at least once in their life. The sincere kindness of the driver was indescribable. A big thank you! Orsi and Lénárd

  • Limuzin Center

    Snow white limousine with a giant sunroof.
    If you want to travel to your wedding together with your friends and relatives then a limousine is the best choice for you.

    You can decide whether you want to stay behind the dark glass or you can ride with an open sunroof and enjoy the compliments.